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The idea of Healthy Kids Academy is derived from our observation of a gap in which opportunity for our children to get into sports in our school system is lacking and also that the lacking of it has taken away the opportunity for our children to develop this aspect of their life.

They carry this misconception, that they will need to be a professional to play and enjoy sports, into their adulthood and fail to build a support network of peers, gain vital inter-personal skills and build resilience through sports. Eventually, they shy away from sports and find it difficult to regain their interest and health in a fruitful manner...


Anil, 9 years old

Sports Camp Participant

I saw a friend over here who is very skilful in soccer and with the technique which I learned, I am motivated to get back to do more practice... I had also met more friends beyond my usual circle of friends which I think is very good.

Wan Peng,

Father of Participant

I think the sports camp is fun and my son gets to play a lot more games and make new friends... It is also very good because he does not often get a chance to engage in sports with other kids...

The programme is very structured and exposes the kids to an interesting environment...

Bao Yuan,

Associate Coach - Tag Rugby

I think this camp has great exposure for these kids and they get to play various sports that they don't get to try out in school...

The kids have learned many skills from different sports and more kids should come on board this sports camp