a. Unless other arrangements are made, training sessions, and Programme Design are as stipulated in the Sports Camp Schedule.  The chief coach may for any reason of inclement weather; facilities damages or any condition that is disruptive to the original plan, make adjustment to the programme while maintaining the principles of engagement and learning for the participants.


b. In order to provide the best possible service to all participants, Healthy Kids Academy asks that all participants to be ready to begin their session at the scheduled time. Time lost at the beginning of a session due to a participant’s tardiness cannot be made up at the end of the session as that could potentially impact the schedule of the whole camp


c. Shirts (Sports tops) and shoes (Adequate trainers/ sport footwear) are required at all times during sessions. Participants should also have water available as necessary during the activities and advise to wear sun tan lotion in higher temperatures. It is a participants responsibility if he/she is prone to burning in the sun. The welcome gift set (T-shirt; Water bottle and String bag) will be issued on the first day of the sports camp.


d. The age limit for participates is 8 to 12 Years Old only. 7 year old may participate only upon special request by a parent or guardian. Parents or Guardians are responsible for their children at all times. Parents / Guardians will also be asked to fill in a information form.


e. Participants would have to indicate if they would like to take our transportation at the stipulated locations or report on site by themselves.  The transportation fee will be offered free of charge if the participants if to sign up within the Early Bird Period only. A $20 charge may be levied after the Early Bird period. No discount in event price will be provided for those who travel to the site throught their own means.




a. During the registrations process, the parents/guadiant of the participants will have to inform us of any health history of the participant/s and complete the indemnity declaration.


b. From time to time and at the start of activities, the coaches will also asked the participants on his/her health condition of the day. It is the participants responsibility to let the coaches know of any changes to their health condition and that the coaches are updated.


c. If the participants have any of the following physical conditions, he/she will be required to have a Medical Clearance and Physician’s Consent Form:

Hypertension (>145/95 mm Hg)

Heart Conditions

Hyperlipidemia (cholesterol >220 mg/dl or a total cholesterol-to-HDL ratio of >5.0)


Abnormal resting ECG



a. To secure your place, a 100% payment is required. The participants would also need to submit the required informations requested after the payment and the indemnity declaration need to be completed and agreed upon.

b. Rates for Muli-Sports Activities Camp can be subjected to change pertaining to the progress of the recruitment process.



a. Any cancellation must be done more than 7 days before the start of the Sports Camp to be eligible for a 100% refund.


b. Any cancellation requested more than 5 days (but less than 7 days) before the start of the Sports Camp will be elegible for a 50% refund.


c. Any cancellation requested less than 5 days before the start of the Sports Camp will not be eligible for any refund.


d. Exceptions to our policy cannot be made, unless on compassionate ground, this is why it is imperative to request for the cancellation as early as possible fro foreseen situation. We do not offer credit for arriving late or leaving early.



a. Under any unforeseen circumstances, before the commencement of the sports camp, where the organiser has to call off the execution of the whole event, the organiser will provide a full refund to all customers who had completed their payment.


a. Healthy Kids Academy (A division under Experientia Creations Pte Ltd) respects your privacy. Due to the nature of our services, it is necessary to collect certain personal information from our participants. We will only collect information that is strictly necessary. All information collected is treated as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, and Healthy Kids Academy and/or Experientia Creations Pte Ltd will not share or redistribute your information with any third party except as necessary to provide services purchased by the participants, or as required by law. Any information gathered from a participants is simply for our records and, if applicable, necessary to provide the services to the participants for which we have been contracted.